Miami United FC a points Claudio Frean as manager Miami United FC is delighted to announce the appointment of Claudio Frean as Men’s First Team Manager. Roberto Sacca, CEO&OWNER said: “He is a great coach, who has worked at high levels, in multiple leagues and knows the soccer environment very well. His ethos, tactical approach and commitment to development all made him the exceptional candidate. The sporting team conducted a diligent and thoughtful process that the board is proud of. We are delighted that Claudio will be joining Miami United. We are all looking forward to having him on board. We wish Claudio the best of luck”. Tony Iafrate, General Manager, said: “During the past years Claudio has proven himself to be one of the most exciting and experienced coaches in South America, renowned for his team’s attractiveness, attacking football and commitment to youth. In our conversations with Claudio leading up to this appointment, we were deeply impressed with his long-term vision to put Miami United to the level we want to be competing at, and his drive and determination to achieve that”. Claudio Frean said: “It is a great honor to be appointed manager of Miami United and I am hugely excited by the challenge ahead. I know the history of this great club and the passion of the fans, and I am absolutely determined to develop a team capable of delivering the success this club deserves”.

About Claudio Frean Name Claudio Aniba Frean Fec Nac 08-04-1956 (65 años) married 4 Hijos 1977 Rear Educacion Fisica 1978 Retred to National Basquet 2000 DT National Futbol DT 1978 Physical Preparation Basquet Club Boca Juniors Until 1980-81 Physical Preparation 4th- 5th-6th Club Platense Futbol 1982 Physical Preparator Club Barracas Futbol Ctes involved in the Federal Tournament 1984 Physical Preparator Club Racing(Avellaneda)Futbol with Jorge Castelli as DT and with Mario Cejas 1985 Physical Preparator Club San Lorenco Futbol Ctes intervention. Federal Tournament 1986 Physical Trainer Club Huracan Futbol Ctes interv Federal Tournament 1987 Physical Trainer Club Belgrano Futbol Ctes interv Federal Tournament 1988 Coach San Martin Basketball 1989 Provincial Basketball Coach Corrientes sub champion National 1990 Dt Club San Martin Futbol interv Provincial Tournament 1991 Prov Seleccion Trainer de Basquet Corrientes 1992 Trainer San Martin Basquet sub champion Provincial 1993 Dt San Martin Futbol interv Torneo Federal 1996 Physical Trainer Club Platense interv tournament 1 Division DT Jorge Castelli and Carlos Picerni and Gerardo Martino Hasta 1998 1999 Physical Trainer Ferro Carril Oeste Futbol DT Jorge Castelli 2000 Physical Trainer for the Haiti National Football Team DT Jorge Castelli 2001 until 2006 Physical Trainer for all the Haiti National Football Teams 2005 for the Haiti National Under-20 Seleccion in the 2004 World Cup qualifiers 2004 Physical Trainer Club Roulado Futbol champion Tournament 1 division Haiti y Campeon del Caribe 2006 Dt Club Don Bosco 1 division Haiti 2007 Physical Preparator Club Puntarenas Futbol Costa Rica 2008 Physical Preparator club Guarani Futbol interv 1 division Futbol de Paraguay 2009 Physical Preparator Club Aucas Futbol interv 1 division Futbol Ecuatoriano 2010 Physical trainer Club Ellerstina Polo 2011 Entrena pain San Martin Basquet sub champion Provincial 2012 Dt Club Barracas Ctes Futbol interv Torneo Federal 2013 Dt Club Curuzu Ctes Basquet 2014 Dt Club Union Basquet 2015 Dt Club San Martin Basquet champion Provincial 2016 Coordinator Deportivo Club San Martin until 2020.

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